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Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that any commercial or  premises with more than 5 occupants must ensure that a thorough Fire Risk Assessment has been carried out by a competent person to be legally compliant.

The Order has been rigorously enforced since October 2006 with large fines and potential imprisonment imposed for significant breaches, throughout the UK.

For your fire risk assessment to be ‘valid’, it should accurately reflect your building configuration, business type and the number of employees that you have.

Your Fire Risk Assessment should be reviewed at least every 12 months or following any changes to your business which might invalidate it, such as a change in the contents of the building, or a significant increase in staff. 

Fire risk assessments can be a confusing and complex process. The amount of information required can be intricate and exhaustive and whilst there are many guides on the internet to undertaking your own assessment, unless your business premises are exceptionally small and simple, and your business type is low risk, we would always recommend that you use an accredited fire risk assessor.

Vantage Systems use an experienced Fire Risk Assessor and we can usually arrange for your assessment to be carried out within a few days. Your report will be issued within 2 weeks (unless agreed otherwise) and will be sent electronically or on paper format.

Why Choose Vantage

All fire risk assessments are carried out in a thorough and professional manner and a full detailed report can be sent electronically and/or  in paper format.

Why Choose Vantage

All fire risk assessments are carried out in a thorough and professional manner by one of our own fully qualified fire safety specialists.

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Fire Risk Assessments

National Coverage

Our highly trained inspectors are experienced in identifying and addressing the needs of all users of your premises and providing support in complying with all relevant legislation. Operating nationally and experienced in all industries.

Vantage Systems can also offer an annual review of your existing Fire Risk Assessment at a very cost effective price.